Membership Fee

Monthly Fee(tax included)

  Children Class  Adult Class
A course (Once a week)



B course(Twice a week or more)

¥8,800 ¥11,000

Admission Fee(tax included)

  Children Class  Adult Class
Enrollment Fee(Including Annual fee)



Monthly Fee See above table

See above table

Text (DVD) ¥2,860 ¥2,860
Aikido Unifom


Hakama(Women only)  ― (¥13,200)
Sports Insurance(Updated every April) ¥800 ¥1,850
Annual Fee(Updated every April) ¥3,000 ¥5,000
Total Cost 

A course:¥33,960

A course:¥36,610(¥49,810)

B course:¥36,660 B course:¥41,010(¥54,210)

※Monthly fee should be by bank transfer.

※Please transfer the next month's monthly fee by the end of every month.

※Once paid, the admission fee and the monthly fee can not be refunded.

※If you are a member of another dojo, and a member of the Aikikai,

  you can train at Ozeki Dojo by paying only visitors fee of ¥ 1,620 yen (1 class).